PIP Stories FAQ

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 Hello!  Thank you for reading this page, which I have put together to answer some questions that I have been asked about the PIP stories work.  I hope that the responses are useful. A plain text version of this FAQ is also available here.

Why are you doing this Chris?

What happens when I send in a PIP story?

Can I send in a story anonymously?

What are your plans for using the PIP stories in the future?

I’m having some problems as a result of my PIP experiences, what can I do?

Is there a deadline for sending in my story?

Can you tell us a bit more about you?

What skills and experience do you have to do this work?

I'm feeling low as a result of my PIP experiences

Is there another way to give my PIP story?

I want to help with this work.  How can I get involved?